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Robby Gober – Biography

From South Alabama, Robby Gober has been singing and writing songs for most part of his entire adult life. Robby has written just about any type of song you can think of, from Country to Rock, Blues, and Christian. In his younger days, he spent a few years in a band as the drummer. Robby then went solo and for decades went from bars to jamborees and churches singing his songs, while at times experiencing the highest high and sometimes the lowest low.
While still working with music, he went back to school, studied electrical engineering and he became an electrical engineer as a full time profession. Robby is married, with a family and never stops making music!

Robby’s goal is simple, to have his music heard! At any time you can visit and hear some of his different types of music from some of his earliest to the latest. Robby now with music publishing GM&W MUSIC plan to release many of his songs in the next few years which is mostly new music not yet heard.
Singer Songwriter Robby Gober is an honest caring person that loves everyone, and simply wants people to hear and hopefully enjoy what he has to offer through his songs and music!






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