Robby Gober Notes From Robby

Notes From Robby

Most of these songs were written years ago; however, we are currently working on some new material that I am really looking forward to getting heard! And there are still some older songs that really did well that are still not recorded that I plan to record. The truth is I am going to put everything I’ve done and going to do, on this site!

Here is a list of some songs I will be posting in the near future:

  • Dreamer dream dream   (Hear Now)
  • Tell Mama Not To Cry    (Hear Now)
  • Tell You How I feel
  • Duel with the devil

There is a little story behind the song dreamer dream dream. It was the first song I ever wrote. The whole song is played on three strings on the guitar. The reason for that is, I had a guitar someone gave me that only had three strings. I didn’t know any chords so I just played around with those three strings and well wrote this song. Now I’m trying to record a song that I could really play when I was a kid, now not so much! However I do believe the song is going to turn out fine, may not be quite what it was, but still Dreamer Dream Dream!


Below is a poem that I wrote when I was just a kid. I really have no idea how old I was.


One thing is sure; there love is true. And that, they will never be blue. It grows stronger and stronger day by day, nothing will ever tear away. Their eyes are old there hair is gray; they are proof! Love is here to stay.

One thing is sure, and this is true; somewhere there is love for you!

Lost Lonely And Blue

 If you’re feeling, lost lonely and blue. I’ve decided to write something just for you. It’s a story, that is true, one that should remove bad feelings from within you. It’s about a person just like you that Stepped outside one lonely day and all those feelings went away. Why you might say? Because this person Just started a new day! With the sun shining In his eyes this person started to feel great Pride! Looking at the trees standing so graceful and tall while the wind blew through it all! He heard the birds singing in the trees, then he began to feel pleased! As the sun brought warmth to his face, he thought, I really love this place! As a peaceful feeling began to build inside, he then went into a short stride. I can walk! Hear! Feel! See! All this beauty outside! I have no reason to feel lost lonely and blue! If your feeling, lost, lonely, and blue, step outside see what’s there for you!