Robby Gober Artist – Original Music

Artist – Original Music


Latest Releases: Original Music

  • I Believe In Love  — July 2023
  • Living A Dream I Dare
  • Pretty Pretty Woman
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • I Want To Sing A Love Song To You
  • Robby GoberI Love You
  • Patriots Call
  • Powerful Love
  • Loves Find’s Away
  • I’m Alone Again
  • I’ll Sing Until I’m Blue
  • Drag My Car
  • Vicki
  • Same Dreams

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I believe In Love

I’m Singing The Blues!


  I’m a songwriter, I have written just about any type of song you can think of, from country to rock, blues, Christian. And for decades I went from bars to jamborees to churches singing experiencing the highest high and the lowest low. For me songwriting is more than just a want, it’s a passion. A way of life that success is only measured by the joy it brings to others. It’s a fact; the only thing that matters to a songwriter is how their songs affect other people. And no matter the outcome he never quits. It was once said a songwriter can’t put down his pen because it’s a sin! It’s like this, Love makes dreams come true, and hearts they tear into, and time, it eases the pain. Sunshine well it stops the rain, wind blows in the winter-spring, and this songwriter will write again. When most people walk outside on a windy day, they hear the wind blowing through the trees. I hear music, I hear a song.

Robert D Gober Jr




One thing is sure; there love is true. And that, they will never be blue. It grows stronger and stronger day by day; nothing will ever tear it away. Their eyes are old their hair is gray; they are proof! That love is here to stay. One thing is sure, and this is true; somewhere there is love for you!


Lost Lonely and Blue

If you’re feeling, lost lonely and blue. I’ve decided to write something just for you. It’s a story, that is true, one that should remove bad feelings from within you. It’s about a person just like you that Stepped outside one lonely day and all those feelings went away. Why you might say? Because this person Just started a new day! With the sun shining In his eyes, this person started to feel great Pride! Looking at the trees standing so graceful and tall while the wind blew through it all! He heard the birds singing in the trees, then he began to feel pleased! As the sun brought warmth to his face, he thought, I really love this place! As a peaceful feeling began to build inside, he then went into a short stride. I can walk! Hear! Feel! See! All this beauty outside! I have no reason to feel lost lonely and blue! If your feeling, lost, lonely, and blue, step outside see what’s there for you!


Man, And Thy Maker

Tell me thy maker, who should I believe. Is it thy man I should believe, or do thy man deceive? In this green fields of blossoms that grow, I see the beauty that I love so. Is this beauty a truthful sign, or should this beauty I decline? Tell me thy maker please loud and clear, tell me what I desire to hear.

I tell you thy maker say to thee, there is no greater power than thy love I giveth thee. Through thy love I giveth, ye need no man over me. Man do not knoweth thus conceive that all his knowledge came from thee. So, if thy man wishes to lust and deceive. Then thy man wishes not to believe.


The American Flag

I stand for the one with pride. I stand for the one with honor. I stand for the one with dignity. I stand for the strong, I stand for the weak. I stand for the ones that are willing to speak. I stand for the ones on the cold bloody battlefield that fought, not because they hated their enemy, but because they loved their country! I stand for those that died! I stand for all the moms on that day, as she cried! I stand for justice! I stand for liberty! As sure as god’s love is true, to all Americans, I stand for you!