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The new song “The Day After Tomorrow” has been released! Genre: Christian/Gospel.

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Song: Here I Am (Pre-Mix)

Genre: Christian/Gospel

Song is not complete

Key: C Major
Chord Progression Verse: A–Minor – F-Major – C-Major – G-Major
Chord Progression Chorus: — E-Minor — F-Major – (Repeat Twice) Then Last Measure – G-Major.
Verse: 1
Here I am – Here I stand – showing the world how I feel.
Here I am – Here – I go – showing – god’s love – is real
Stand with me – All – will – see – God’s Love I all We need!

Chorus: 1

Every Moment — he’s with me – Every day — and night – Giving me — he’s love – And All – the – light

Verse: 2
Here I am – Here I stand – standing up for what’s right.
Here I am – -Here I go – Showing I willing to stand & fight
Stand with me – All – will – see – God’s strength Is all We need!

Verse :3  (Repeat Verse: #1 Temporary)

In-Intro – (5-Measures)
Fill In– (8-Measures)
Verse #1– (24-Measures)
Chorus – (14-Measures)
Fill In– (8-Measures)
Verse #2– (24-Measures)
Chorus – (14-Measures)
Fill In– (8-Measures)
Verse #3– (24-Measures) Re-peat of Verse #1 (Not Complete)
Chorus – (14-Measures)
Ending – (24-Measures) Repeat first two line of 1st verse. (As many people as possible)

Nothing is final..

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