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The new song “The Day After Tomorrow” has been released! Genre: Christian/Gospel.

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Song: In My Life

Genre: Christian/Gospel



It’s just a dream

I was looking through a list of songs that I have written over the years. I came across “It’s Just a Dream”. An old 3/4 style song. The very first song I wrote on a piano/keyboard. I was about 28 years old, or close to that. I loved the song, not that it’s good, I just loved it for some reason. I thought, I would make a quick recording and share it with you. You will never hear a song like this! Because no matter how good songs are, in the very short future you will only hear what you’re allowed to hear. Because you will hear and like songs/music based solely on the mainstream, streaming and radio media platforms. It will no longer be our choice. In fact, in the mainstream media for the most part, it’s already that way. And it’s truly sad to me!

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